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Anonymous County Government Center said...

COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER exhibits are being coordinated by the Ventura County Arts Council. To be on the mailing or e-mail list to receive information, give your contact information to the VCAC at (805) 658-2213 or info@venturacountyarts.net.

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Blogger Joe DiDonato said...

Not finding businesses that want to hang your art? Many local art associations have teams or individuals who actively seek out these businesses, so if you belong to one of those groups, just find out who handles the program and/or where people are exhibiting. Businesses don't want to be bombarded with artists, so they rarely advertise for artwork.

You can also check in "Artists Exhibiting" to see where those artists are already showing, as the usual time frame for one of these engagements is around 1 to 2 months. The businesses like to rotate the art, so you won't be stepping on someone's engagement by inquiring.

EXPECTATION SETTING: You should be aware that this type of opportunity rarely produces an art sale! Someone needs to be available at that business who is willing to tell a story about the artist or the art, for you to have success. They exist, so don't give up.

Also use your head when selecting a location. Botox clinics, high-end resturants, and plastic surgeons have the "right art-buying clientele" for art priced over $750, and like to show that they support local artists. You also want to make sure that the particular business you choose is open in the evenings and on weekends. That's when art is sold.

Although this will help you get exposure and to build a resume, don't expect the same results as a gallery or with your own efforts at art shows. Art receptions, targeted mailings, and a location that deals with the sale of art is a critical factor.

PS - You can expect to pay 40-60% of the price of the art to a gallery owner. Why? They have to pay the rent, staff the location, send out mailings, and so forth. It's truly a partnership between you and the gallery.

If you are a performing artist, most of the above does not apply! But then again, you wouldn't be looking in this category for opportunities, either, would you? :)

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